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History of Rogers Cinema

It started in June of 1972 when Paul J. Rogers purchased the Adler Theater and 10-13 Drive-in theater from the J.P. Adler family. The Adler theater started in 1908.

Many changes have been made since 1972 not only to Marshfield properties but also other cities in three states. In 1973 the previous Adler theater building at 419 S. Central Avenue was renovated into a two-screen theater and renamed Rogers Cinema I & II. Three years later, Rogers Cinema Park was built on Marshfield’s south side. Now Marshfield had four screens, three indoor and one drive-in.

In 1977, Paul Rogers and John V. Koran formed a partnership and began further expansion of the Cinema. That year, they built the restaurant space adjacent to the theater and leased it to the Severt Family for the home of Severt’s Fine Foods. A couple of years later it was sold to the Severts. Also in 1977, they purchased the Wisconsin Rapids theater and converted it to Rogers Cinema 1 & 2 and they built a new Rogers Cinema 1 & 2 in Stevens Point. That same year they leased three drive-in theaters from Badger Outdoor theaters, the Startlite at Green Bay, Hwy. 26 at Janesville, and Hwy. 51 at Stevens Point.

The expansion continued locally with purchases in 1979 of the Wausau Theater which was renamed Rogers Cinema. Following renovations, the new twin screened operation became Rogers Cinema 1 & 2. In 1983, Rogers Video Exchange, Inc. which operated three video rental retail stores in Marshfield, Stevens Point and Wisconsin Rapids opened. The following year, Marshfield’s Roger Cinema 1 & 2 was renovated, creating Rogers Cinema 1, 2 & 3 by dividing the upper auditorium.

Roger Cinema’s first venture out of state occurred in 1984 with the purchase of the triplexed Chief Theatre in Red Wing, Minnesota. This was a 50/50 partnership with Bill Uthmeier of Marshfield and Rogers Cinema Inc. In 1994, Rogers Cinema purchased and multiplexed theaters in Marquette, Michigan.

Whether remodeling, adding screens, buying and selling properties, operating some and leasing out others, Rogers Cinema contributes to the communities they call home. In 1996, Roger’s Cinema undertook a major renovation of their Marshfield theaters when they purchased the two adjacent properties and expanded Rogers Cinema to seven screens. The new Rogers Cinema was officially opened during September. The next month, at the Main Street Marshfield, Annual Meeting, held October 3, the Rogers Cinema expansion project was recognized as the New Building Project
of the  Year.

Today Rogers Cinema owns theaters in
cities and two states. The Wisconsin operations are in Marshfield, Wisconsin Rapids, Waupaca, Beaver Dam and Stevens Point. The Michigan operation is in Houghton. Rogers Cinema’s total screen count is 38.

Rogers Cinema is owned by Paul Rogers and Scott Koran. Rogers Cinema Inc. employs approximately 170 people.




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